Copying in the industry

As a fashion brand, especially one of a smaller scale, you are bound to ''inspire'' a larger brand with more resources at some point in your journey. Whether it's a pattern, a certain style, a part of your branding - it's all subject to being ''borrowed'' and showcased by brands that are, usually, more established in the industry.

The question that has been on our minds lately is the following - how can one draw the line between ''inspiration'' and blatant copying?

We've tuned in to the allegations of influencers like Danielle Bernstein taking credit for indie-artist designs, and Diet Prada call-outs of large fashion houses ripping off smaller businesses. And let's face it, fast-fashion conglomerates are no better - they grab each other by their throats just to win the race of ''who's going to make this cheaper'' (re: this Primark vs. Zara incident).

So, how does one navigate through the world of fashion and plagiarism? Can smaller businesses protect their designs and vision without bundles of cash?

Or are we left to play the ''spot the difference'' game with the ''big leagues'' and forced to accept the fact that it's just the way the cookie crumbles?

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